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Are you ready to pay less interest on your mortgage and lower your monthly payments? A refinance may be the right step for you.

Mortgage Refinance in Las Vegas

A mortgage refinance replaces an existing mortgage with another mortgage under different terms. Mortgage refinancing can lower your monthly payments, adding to significant savings.

Knowing your current refinance mortgage rates is essential. Omni Lending LLC can keep you informed and help you decide when a refinance may be best.

Reasons to consider a mortgage refinance:

  • Reduce your monthly mortgage payment: Mortgage rates are still very low. A refinance with Omni Lending LLC may help you lower payment and save money.
  • Consolidate high-interest debt: You could pay off those higher-interest debts by refinancing with a lower rate. Even with less-than-perfect credit, we can help you lower your monthly payment and pay off your higher-interest debt. By consolidating your payments into one low monthly payment, you can pay less each month, reduce your debt, and improve your credit score.
  • Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster: The shorter your mortgage term, the lower your mortgage rate. Did you know that you may be able to take advantage of today’s competitive rates by shortening the term of your loan (which means paying less interest) without a significant change in your monthly payment?

When to Refinance Your Mortgage?

We offer information on a variety of mortgage refinancing rates and options. When you are ready to take the next step, contact Omni Lending LLC. We can advise you on which mortgage refinancing program meets your needs.

What are your goals? Everyone is unique, request your personalized rates and fees.
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